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Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit


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This Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit comes with a rechargeable power pack and a portable solar panel.  It is designed to keep your phone, tablet, laptops and cameras powered no matter where you go.  Plug your handheld USB or 12V gear directly into the solar panel to charge or combine it with the portable power pack so you can store power and charge your laptops, tablets and cameras on the go.  The Sherpa power pack can be recharged from any wall outlet, 12V car adapter or connected to the solar panel when you are off the grid.  It also includes an AC inverter so you can turn it into a convenient wall plug.  Three independent solar panels make it easy to fold for compact storage and a zippered mesh pocket stores the included adapters.





  • Compact and portable power solution
  • The Sherpa 100 is powerful enough to charge laptops, tablets and much more
  • Can be recharged by connecting it to a solar panel, plugging it into a regular wall outlet or into a 12V car adapter
  • Recharge USB devices straight from the power pack
  • Included laptop tips allow you to power your laptop without the need for the laptop wall charger
  • Two ultra-fast, smart USB ports to charge phones and tablets
  • Combined with the removable inverter it allows you to plug your camera in using your regular wall plug just like at home
  • Built-in LCD charging and battery level indicator
  • Built-in LED flashlight 
  • Large foldable solar panel ensures you collect the most power from the sun
  • USB output connector allows you to recharge your phone or other USB device straight from the solar panel
  • Several daisy chains to connect the solar panel to your backpack or anything else
  • Three independent solar panels allow you to fold the panel for compact storage in your backpack
  • Zippered mesh pocket stores included adapter
  • Allows you to chain multiple solar panels together
  • Indicator light shows if you have power
  • 12V connector lets you charge 12V devices straight from the solar panel
  • Super charge cable for faster charging of Goal Zero portable power packs



  • Ideal for: tablet, laptop, DSLR camera, lights
  • Total weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Included: 1 Sherpa 100 power pack, 1 AC wall charger, 1 12V Adapter, 1 Sherpa Laptop tip, 1 Nomad 20 solar panel, 1 Sherpa AC Inverter


Sherpa 100 Power Pack


  • Rechargeable by: AC, 12V or solar panel
  • Power output: USB, 12V, AC (inverter required for AC output is sold separately)
  • Ideal for: tablet, DSLR camera, laptop and lights
  • Charging time (wall): 3 hours
  • Charging time (car charger): 4 hours
  • Charging time (Nomad 13 solar panel): 15 - 30 hours
  • Charging time (Nomad 20 solar panel): 10 - 20 hours
  • Charge (tablet): 2 - 4 charges
  • Charge (laptop): 1 - 2 charges
  • Charge (GoPro): 18 charges
  • Charge (headlamp): 25 charges
  • USB port (output): 5V, up to 2.1A (10W max), regulated
  • 6 mm port (output 6mm, green, hexagon): 12V, up to 10A (120W max), regulated
  • Laptop port (output 7.4mm, orange, square): 19V, up to 6A (120W max), regulated
  • Sidecar port (chain 9 mm): 9 - 13V, up to 10A (120W max)
  • AC inverter US (output, sold separately): 110V, up to 0.9A (100W max), 60Hz, modified sine wave
  • Charging port (input 8mm, blue circle): 14 - 22V, up to 3A (45W max)
  • Chainable: yes
  • Battery type: Li-NMC
  • Battery life: hundreds of cycles
  • Battery shelf life: keep plugged in or charge every 3 - 6 months
  • Fuses: 20A (user replaceable fuse)
  • Weight: 1.9 lb
  • Dimensions: 5.8” x 5.25” x 1.5”


Nomad 20 Solar Panel


  • Ideal for: Goal Zero Sherpa 50/100 and Yeti 150/400
  • Charging time (Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus): 2.5 - 5 hours
  • Charging time (Goal Zero Yeti 150): 17 - 34 hours
  • USB port (output): 5V, up to 2.1A (10W max), regulated
  • Solar port (blue, 8mm): 14 - 22V, up to 1.3A (20W max)
  • Mini solar port (2.5mm): 6.5V, up to 1.1A (7W max)
  • Solar capacity: 20W
  • Power output: USB and 12V
  • Cell type: monocrystalline
  • Chainable: yes
  • Weight: 2.5 lb
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 30.5” x 13” x 1”
  • Dimensions (folded): 8.5” x 13” x 1”


Sherpa AC Inverter


  • Input (sidecar port:): 9 - 13V, up to 10A (120W max)
  • AC inverter US: 110V, up to 0.9A (100W max)
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs
  • Dimensions: 1” x 1.5” x 5.25”

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Goal Zero

Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit


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