Winter Camping Checklist

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Winter Camping Checklist

Be prepared but only pack what you need.

Prepare for winter camping outdoors in the snow and elements of the year's coldest season. This winter camping packing list includes what to pack for both snow camping and skiing, so that you bring the essentials while avoiding over-packing unnecessary gear.


Snow Camping:

  •   Avalanche probes, beacons
  •   Boot protection/sealant
  •   Snow shovel
  •   Extra dark sunglasses/keeper
  •   Small piece of sleeping pad (ensolite) for stove
  •   Extra pot for melting snow
  •   Snow stakes
  •   Snow shoes
  •   Crampons
  •   Ice axe

Ski Accessories:

  •   Waxes/skins
  •   Scraper
  •   Cork
  •   Skis
  •   Poles
  •   Boots
  •   Spare parts
  •   Tools


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Winter Camping Checklist PDF - A free packing list guide of winter camping gear


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