Veronica Gonzalez: A16 Trifecta Finisher 2017-2018

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START:  01/14/18, 7:00am
FINISH:  01/14/18, 12:00pm

How you Pulled it Off: We did our Snow activity at Wrightwood, Desert activity in Hesperia/Victorville, and our Ocean activity at Newport Beach.

Challenge Highlight: Being able to play in the snow after it had just happened earlier this week.


SNOW location & activity: Wrightwood / Sledding & Snowball Fight.

snowball fightsledding

Surprise snowball attack - Veronica Gonzalez and Felicia Greene (throwing snowball) | Veronica  sledding


DESERT location & activity: Hesperia / Victorville - Hiking.

hikinga16 event flag

Hiking. | Flag photo while hiking.


OCEAN location & activity: Newport Beach / Body Boarding.

in ocean with flagbody boarding

With Flag and Personal Poster. | Body boarding.


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