UTKAN KOCATURK: 3-DAY FINISHER 3-Peak Challenge 2016

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About Your Experience:

"This is my first time participating in 3-peak challenge! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I could complete all three peaks in 3 days. And I did it!! I am very very happy! My goal is to do it in 24 hours next year!"

Challenge Highlight:

"The highlight of the challenge was to be outdoor three days in a row and thinking only one thing "get this challenge done! Great personal accomplishment!" Thank you very much for organizing it!"

Mt. Baldy:

Trail: Ski Hut Trail
Date at Trailhead: 05/17/2016
Time at Trailhead: 7:45AM
Date at Summit: 05/17/2016
Time at Summit: 2:00PM
Date at Trail End: 05/17/2016
Time at Trail End: 5:45PM


San Jacinto:

Trail: Tram+San Jacinto Peak Trail
Date at Trailhead: 05/18/2016
Time at Trailhead: 11:30AM
Date at Summit: 05/18/2016
Time at Summit: 3:30PM
Date at Trail End: 05/18/2016
Time at Trail End: 7:30PM

San Gorgonio:

Trail: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 05/19/2016
Time at Trailhead: 05:30AM
Date at Summit: 05/19/2016
Time at Summit: 2:30PM
Date at Trail End: 05/19/2016
Time at Trail End: 7:30PM



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