Tracy Fulkerson: 3-WEEK FINISHER 2018 3-Peak Challenge


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About Your Experience:

"This was a fun and inspiring challenge! My hiking partner and I have a renewed appreciation for our mountains and our strong bodies. We did this to train for Mt. Whitney, next week's peak! I am grateful for the time and experience this gave us, getting to know each other better, bringing along or making new friends out on the trail, and rocking it all with Type 1 diabetes! Thank you A16 for motivating us!"

Challenge Highlight:

"I think seeing all 3 mountain ranges in such a close time frame gave me such a better appreciation for their differences and their beauty was a highlight for me. Also, the conversations and the silence on the trail was incredible. The strange and beautiful glow worms on San Gorgonio were a must see!"


San Jacinto:

jacinto summit

What Trail Did You Hike: San Jacinto Peak Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/7/18
Time at Trailhead: 0920
Date at Summit: 7/7/18
Time at Summit: 1415
Date at Trail End: 7/7/18
Time at Trail End: 1820


San Gorgonio:

gorgonio summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 6/30/18
Time at Trailhead: 0704
Date at Summit: 6/30/18
Time at Summit: 1534
Date at Trail End: 6/30/18
Time at Trail End: 2210


Mt. Baldy:

baldy summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Mount San Antonio and Mount Baldy Notch Trail
Date at Trailhead: 6/23/18
Time at Trailhead: 0845
Date at Summit: 6/23/18
Time at Summit: 1325
Date at Trail End: 6/23/18
Time at Trail End: 1740


forgot my shoes
I forgot my shoes at home for our hike on San Gorgonio, luckily my hiking partner had a spare of Merrel no blister shoes that did fabulous for the hard Vivian Creek Trail!

Our first attempt at a silly picture
Our first attempt at a silly picture didn't come out as great as the second!


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