Ted Weitzman: 3-WEEK FINISHER 2017 3-Peak Challenge

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About Your Experience:

"I did the SoCal 6-pack last year so knew three peaks in three weeks would be doable and fun with my friend (and fellow Baldy Bandit) Krista Schnabel and others in my hiking Meetup group. Another friend wanted to overnight San Gorgonio at High Creek, but in hindsight carrying full packs to High Creek wasn't the best idea compared to the longer but much lighter day hike. Now trying to get my head wrapped around three peaks in three days, which seems infinitely more difficult." 

Challenge Highlight:

"Assisting an injured hiker coming down just off the peak of Mt San Jacinto and reporting all details to ranger down the trail so he could be rescued."


San Antonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Ski Hut trail up and down
Date at Trailhead: 5/20/17
Time at Trailhead: 9:08am
Date at Summit: 5/20/17
Time at Summit: 12:08pm
Date at Trail End: 5/20/17
Time at Trail End: 3:04pm

San Gorgonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Vivian Creek trail
Date at Trailhead: 6/3/17
Time at Trailhead: 9:57am
Date at Summit: 6/3/17
Time at Summit: 5:10pm
Date at Trail End: 6/4/17
Time at Trail End: 11:34am

San Jacinto Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Tram + San Jacinto Peak trail via Wellman Divide
Date at Trailhead: 5/28/17
Time at Trailhead: 10:05am
Date at Summit: 5/28/17
Time at Summit: 12:50pm
Date at Trail End: 5/28/17
Time at Trail End: 4:17pm

The Baldy Bandits first stick up!

Baldy Bandits last seen at San Gorgonio!

Baldy Bandits strike again at San Jacinto!


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