Schedule of Los Angeles County Events (Updated 9-10-19)

Discover Los Angeles events dedicated to outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and travel. Find an exciting challenge with great prizes, or a talk you can’t miss from an inspiring expert on your favorite outdoor sport or travel destination.

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Stories Behind The Images--Book Release

Corey Rich has been capturing iconic shots of adventure superstars for more than two decades. Now Corey tells how he got some of his favorite images of climbers, adventurers, skiers, performance artists, and more in his new book Stories Behind the Images - Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography.









banff banner art

A showcase of the best action, travel & adventure films! 

Ignite your passion for adventure, action and travel! The Banff Mountain Film Festival FALL Tour will exhilarate you with amazing big-screen stories. Journey to exotic locations, paddle the wildest waters and climb the highest peaks. Presented by: Rab and Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Tickets on sale now.