Riddle Me This SALE 8/30 - 9/15

h20 written in sand

SAVE 25% on the ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE of this "must have" back-to-school outdoor gear brand.

We can’t mention the brand on-line, but read on for clues, or visit one of our stores to find out!

August 30 –  September 15, 2019.  In-stores only. In-stock items only.


Clue #1

Solve the Mad Libs.


Clue #2

Solve the crossword puzzle to find the brand name.


Clue #3

Still wondering? This rebus should give you the answer.



Sooo...Did you solve the riddle? If so, we're sure you'll agree that an opportunity to SAVE 25% on "this"

brand's ENTIRE product line is RARE. Visit A16 soon! This deal ends September 15--while supplies last! 

Thanks for playing! Be sure to stay tuned for more "Riddle Me This" promotions--coming soon!  


Available at A16 San Diego and West L.A. Stores

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