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We can’t mention the brand on-line, but read on for clues, or visit one of our stores to find out!

Clue #1


This brand was founded in 1938 in Portland, Oregon.
They are named after the largest river in the Pacific Northwest.
The company’s Chairman is known as “One Tough Mother” and is famous for her opinionated witticisms:

    “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”
    “Perfect! Now make it better.”
    “You do what you have to do—and if you don’t know, you ask somebody."
    “If you have a bad day, have a peanut butter sandwich, do better the next day.”



Clue #2

A hidden clue can be heard in each these songs 

 Fun Facts: 
• This song was once considered the unofficial national anthem of the United States.
• It was written and performed for George Washington’s inauguration in 1789.
• Today, this song is played whenever the U.S. Vice-President of the United States arrives at a formal event. 


Fun Facts: 
• The melody of this song is identical to that of the British patriotic song "Britannia, the Pride of the Ocean." There is disagreement
as to which song was adapted from the other.
• The most popular patriotic ballad of the Nineteenth Century., the song invokes the historic informal name for the United States.
• This song was played by the Naval Air Force band for the astronauts of Apollo 11 after splashdown of the flight's command



Clue #3

Which one of these is a Bugaboo (and why is it a clue)?

A)  A classic 3-in-one jacket with a waterproof-breathable shell and a thermal-reflective inner fleece layer you can wear separately
or zipped together for maximum warmth. 

B)  A legendary scary creature (AKA Bogeyman) 

C)  A thin straight piton or metal spike

D)  A brand of strollers 

E)  A swarm of insectoid aliens 

F)  A small canyon in the McGee Creek State Park area of Oklahoma

G)  A swamp in Georgia

F)  A mountain range in British Columbia

H)  A song by Destiny's Child

I)   A gang of ghosts, undeads and other Halloween creatures


To read the answer, hold up a mirror:



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