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patagonia mountains

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* August 1 – 15, 2019.  In-stores only. In-stock items only.


Clue #1

I’m named after an extraordinarily beautiful, geologically diverse region at the southern end of South America.



Clue #2

clue 2

This area (see Clue #1) was dubbed “Land of the Big Feet” by explorer Ferdinand Magellan after he
encountered "giants."  (He was probably exaggerating.)



Clue #3 

clue 3

The wild horses that reside here are one of the largest and last wild horse herds in the world. 



Clue #4

clue 4

According to legend, anyone who eats “Calafate Berries” while visiting here, will be sure to return.
(Perhaps they return to learn the secret for ridding oneself of the incredible purple stain the berries leave behind.) 

[photo credit: whereisqd.wordpress.com]



Clue #5

clue 5

Gauchos, the most legendary horsemen who ever lived, still thunder through the vast region of “El Chaltén.”

[photo credit: Mary P Madigan]



Clue #6

clue 6

T-Rex was just a munchkin. Fossils of the biggest dinosaurs ever found, the  “_ _ _ _ _ _titan mayorum” were
discovered here in 2012. These 76 ton, plant-eating titans were over 40 meters long and taller than a 7 story building.

[photo credit: PaleoEquii]


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