RICH MCGUIRE: 3-DAY FINISHER 3-Peak Challenge 2016

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About Your Experience:

"Took the Boy Scout Troop 782 from Solana Beach this year to do the 3 day challenge.  Pushed some to the limit but they persevered.  Took longer with a group than going solo, but I enjoyed the company.  Eating at the Mt Baldy Lodge and Top of the Notch was great, tried the Seven Pines Trail in San Jacinto even though the Ranger said it was unmaintained.  San Gorgonio took all day but the weather was great!"

Challenge Highlight:

"Carrying Mountain Dew to the top of San Gorgonio and toasting with the best Boy Scout Troop around, THE Troop 782 of Solana Beach!"

San Jacinto:

Trail: Seven Pines + Deer Springs
Date at Trailhead: 5/28/2016
Time at Trailhead: 7:15 AM
Date at Summit: 5/28/2016
Time at Summit: 2:08 PM
Date at Trail End: 5/28/2016
Time at Trail End: 7:30 PM


Mt. Baldy:

Trail: Devils Backbone up, Baldy Bowl down
Date at Trailhead: 5/29/2016
Time at Trailhead: 11:10 am
Date at Summit: 5/29/2016
Time at Summit: 3:50 pm
Date at Trail End: 5/29/2016
Time at Trail End: 6:58 pm


San Gorgonio:

Trail: Vivian Creek
Date at Trailhead: 5/30/2016
Time at Trailhead: 7:22 AM
Date at Summit: 5/30/2016
Time at Summit: 2:05 PM
Date at Trail End: 5/30/2016
Time at Trail End: 7:22 PM




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