Maritie Blancet: 3-WEEK FINISHER 2017 3-Peak Challenge

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About Your Experience:

"A16's 3-Peak Challenge was awesome as always! I incorporated the 3Peaks in my conditioning training for a 20-mile hike in the Mammoth Lakes area, a one day Grand Canyon R2R hike and the Skyline/C2C hike. As I climbed each peak while I was huffing and puffing I always wondered what made me want to take the challenge? The answer was when I finally reached the summit regardless of my pace that I got to take in the beautiful scenery at higher elevation and its scenic surroundings!"

Challenge Highlight:

"I was not planning to take the challenge this year since I have done it the last three years and I am very happy that I did! Although it was challenging to hike up Baldy Bowl Trail, Marion Mountain Trail and South Fork Trail Loop it was so much fun to have my husband and friends hike with me."


San Antonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Up Baldy Bowl Down Devils Backbone
Date at Trailhead: 09/09/2017
Time at Trailhead: 7:44a
Date at Summit: 09/09/2017
Time at Summit: 12:05p
Date at Trail End: 09/09/2017
Time at Trail End: 4:40p

San Gorgonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: South Fork Trail Loop, Up Dollar Lake Down Dry Lake
Date at Trailhead: 09/16/2017
Time at Trailhead: 3:50a
Date at Summit: 09/16/2017
Time at Summit: 10:30a
Date at Trail End: 09/16/2017
Time at Trail End: 5:10p

San Jacinto Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Marion Mountain Trail, Out & Back
Date at Trailhead: 09/23/2017
Time at Trailhead: 7:20a
Date at Summit: 09/23/2017
Time at Summit: 12:45p
Date at Trail End: 09/23/2017
Time at Trail End: 4:55p


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