March 20, 2016--Banff Film Festival


Sun., March 20, 7 pm—La Paloma Theatre

Films are in no particular order and are subject to change without prior notice.

The Important Places
Best Short Mountain Film – sponsored by The North Face

(2015, USA, 9 min)
Filmmaker:  Gnarly Bay, Forest Woodward
Website:  www.gnarlybay.com
Classification:  General; coarse language

Film Synopsis: Using a mix of old 16mm footage and new visuals, a son rediscovers the necessity of returning to and protecting “the important places” in our lives. 

Builder (special edit)
(2015, Canada, 9 min)
Filmmakers:  Julian Coffey, Scott Secco
Website:  www.pinkbike.com/builder
Classification:  General; coarse language

Film Synopsis: Some people grow up and leave childish things behind. Others just take their childhood dreams and turn them up to 11 as they age. Building trails and tricks for your mountain bike never gets old, no matter your age.

Salween Spring
(2015, USA, 9 min)
Filmmaker:  Will Stauffer-Norris
Website:  www.willstauffernorris.com
Classification:  General; no advisory

Film Synopsis: Travis Winn has been running rivers in China for 15 years. He’s explored first descents, but also watched rivers disappear behind dams. Now he’s founded a rafting company to bring Chinese to see their rivers before they’re gone. Salween Spring is Travis’s meditation on change, personal struggle, and kayaking along China’s frontier.     

Unbranded (special edit)
People’s Choice Award – sponsored by Osprey

(2015, USA, 46 min)
Filmmakers:  Dennis Aig, Phillip Baribeau
Website:  www.unbrandedthefilm.com
Classification:  Parental Guidance; coarse language
Film Synopsis: Four men and 16 wild mustangs set off on a 5000 kilometre journey across the American West from Mexico to Canada.  In the spirit of true adventure, whiskey is drunk, tempers fly, tragedy strikes, and the bonds of friendship hold fast.  But can the journey help save the plight of the wild horses roaming on public lands? Only time will tell. 



Chasing Niagara (special edit)
Best Film – Mountain Sports – sponsored by Sea & Summit

(2015, USA, 31 min)
Filmmakers:  Red Bull Media House GmbH, Rush Sturges
Website:  www.River-Roots.com
Classification:  Parental Guidance; sports accident, coarse language

Film Synopsis: When pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz decides to paddle over Niagara Falls, he sets in motion a series of events leading his team on a remarkable two-year journey from Mexican rainforest rivers to the waterfalls of the U.S. Northwest before coming to a heart-stopping climax at the iconic falls.   


Project Mina (special edit)
(2014, UK, 17 min)
Filmmaker:  Jen Randall
Website:  www.lightshedpictures.com
Classification:  General; no advisory

Film Synopsis: A rare, intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the life of pro climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk during a season on the world cup bouldering circuit.  


The Warmth of Winter
(2015, USA, 6 min)
Filmmakers:  Ben Sturgulewski, Philip Drake, Erme Catino, Stephan Drake
Website:  www.sturgefilm.com
Classification:  General; no advisory

Film Synopsis: Outside, the snow flies and the wind roars. But here, quiet and safe in the candlelight, the warmth and the wood wrap around you like a blanket, and the mind melts into reflections of days gone by. Take shelter from the storm. Sit down by the fire, have a drink, and take a load off. There is no warmth like a warmth found in winter.            


(2015, USA, 8 min)
Filmmakers:  Ben Moon, Ben Knight
Website:  www.benmoon.com
Classification:  General, no advisory

Film Synopsis:  There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest times.  A collaboration between Ben Knight, Skip Armstrong and Ben Moon.