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About Your Experience:

"When I found my area A16 store I had just moved to Encinitas, and was looking for somewhere for that sense of community. I thought the challenge would be a good challenge to get me out, and I love to be outdoors and stay fit, so it seemed like a natural challenge. Since then, I've been impressed with the sense of community with the Solana Beach store! I go in and they recognize me, I attended the Radical Reels film show, and I look forward to future events, promotions and getting to know some of the other customers to make friends so I don't have to do these hikes alone.


Challenge Highlight:

"On hike 2 coming down from the top of San Jacinto, I was feeling like a million bucks on a beautiful day, and I ran/jogged down the trail for about 2 miles.....until I turned my ankle! Thankfully nothing very serious, but it was enough to sideline me from running/jogging/hiking for a few weeks to let it heal. I was almost worried I'd miss the deadline to complete the challenge, but after 4 weeks of rest and easing back into full activity again, it was ready. I added trekking poles for hike 3/Gorgonio, and tied my hiking boots a little tighter around the ankle and it performed like a champ! I'd do it again and this time recruit some friends to do it. They all think I'm a hard-ass for completing the challenge. ;)"

San Antonio:

Trail: Ski Hut Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/31/16
Time at Trailhead: 11:06am
Date at Summit: 7/31/16
Time at Summit: 2:25pm
Date at Trail End: 7/31/16
Time at Trail End: 5:31pm

San Jacinto:

Trail: Tram + San Jacinto Peak Trail
Date at Trailhead: 9-4-16
Time at Trailhead: 8:49am
Date at Summit: 9-4-16
Time at Summit: 10:58am
Date at Trail End: 9-4-16
Time at Trail End: 1:55pm

San Gorgonio:

Trail: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 10-9-16
Time at Trailhead: 9:10am
Date at Summit: 10-9-16
Time at Summit: 2:36pm
Date at Trail End: 10-9-16
Time at Trail End: 7:42pm


I Got This - fun with shadows descending Gorgonio


Lunch at 10,834


Sunset reflecting off Old Man Spirit Tree


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