John Kang: 3-WEEK FINISHER 2017 3-Peak Challenge

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About Your Experience:

"A16 3-Peak Challenge is a great way to get more people interested in hiking. I learned about this while attending a Mt. Whitney Hike clinic at A16 store in San Diego in June 2017. I completed the challenge in the next three weeks and continued on hiking many more mountains such as Mt. Cucamonga 2x, San Gorgonio 1x more, Mt. San Bernardino 1x, Mt. Whitney 2x (summitting 1x). I will definitely continue hiking to stay fit and to enjoy the beautiful mother nature. Thank you soooo much A16."

Challenge Highlight:

"Standing on the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio on 06/17/2017 (after an earlier failed attempt in May 2017 because of snow and altitude sicknesses). If it was not for the A16 3-Peak Challenge, I would probably have the record of failing to summit Mt. San Gorgonio for a long time and that would discourage me from hiking more in the future. Thank you so much A16."


San Antonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Up on Ski Hut, down on devil's backbone
Date at Trailhead: 06/24/2017
Time at Trailhead: 06:35 am
Date at Summit: 06/24/2017
Time at Summit: 09:25 am
Date at Trail End: 06/24/2017
Time at Trail End: 13:27 pm

San Gorgonio Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Up on Momyer - Alger Creek, Down on Vivian Creek
Date at Trailhead: 06/17/2017
Time at Trailhead: 07:28 am
Date at Summit: 06/17/2017
Time at Summit: 16:30 pm
Date at Trail End: 06/17/2017
Time at Trail End: 20:10 pm

San Jacinto Summit:

What Trail Did You Hike: Humber Park - Devils Slide
Date at Trailhead: 06/10/2017
Time at Trailhead: 08:26 am
Date at Summit: 06/10/2017
Time at Summit: 14:09 pm
Date at Trail End: 06/10/2017
Time at Trail End: 16:58 pm

Anxious to summit Mt. Baldy.

Brave enough to trek on the "Devil's Backbone”.

John Kang's A16 3-Peak Challenge Video


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