J.T. McKinney: 3-WEEK FINISHER 2018 3-Peak Challenge


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About Your Experience:

"Amazing. Elevating. Therapeutic. Strenuous. Refreshing. Rejuvenating. Realigning. Persevering. Transcending. Uniting. 3rd year in a row with A16, 6th year in a row in general -- safe summit ascent and descent from the 3 Saints/Kings -- let's keep it going. Blessings."

Challenge Highlight:

"Overcoming fear of snakes. I ran into one on the Baldy hike and one on the Gorgonio hike. The one on Baldy was longer, but pleasant. The one on Gorgonio was smaller, but it was a rattlesnake and it actually attempted to bite my left trekking pole. Composing myself and communicating compassion and kindness to the snakes with some patience and gratitude was the key :-)"

Favorite Gear:

"my trekking poles"


San Jacinto:

jacinto summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Tram + San Jacinto Peak Trail
Date at Trailhead: 08-20-18
Time at Trailhead: 14:00
Date at Summit: 08-20-18
Time at Summit: 17:45
Date at Trail End: 08-20-18
Time at Trail End: 21:15


San Gorgonio:

Mt. Baden Powell

What Trail Did You Hike: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 08-23-18
Time at Trailhead: 09:00
Date at Summit: 08-23-18
Time at Summit: 14:15
Date at Trail End: 08-23-18
Time at Trail End: 19:45


Mt. Baldy:

baldy summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Baldy Bull Trail
Date at Trailhead: 08-18-18
Time at Trailhead: 17:00
Date at Summit: 08-18-18
Time at Summit: 20:15
Date at Trail End: 08-19-18
Time at Trail End: 01:15

San Antonio leveling up
Vantage Point: Top of Mount San Antonio leveling up 08-18-18

Gratitude on the top
Honor, excellence & gratitude on the top of Mount San Gorgonio 08-23-18


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