Gerard Ellison: 3-Month FINISHER 2018 3-Peak Challenge


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About Your Experience:

"I initially signed up for the 3Peaks in order to train for Mt Whitney. Turns out, Whitney prepared me for San Gorgonio!"

Challenge Highlight:

"I intended San Antonio and San Gorgonio to be overnights but was denied on permits. Completing both of those as day hikes was really rewarding. Adapt and overcome!"

Favorite Gear:

"I carried my Dueter 38 for all three trips and even though it is a little large for a daypack, that thing is tried and true."


San Jacinto:

jacinto summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Devils Slide + Round Valley
Date at Trailhead: 6/30/2018
Time at Trailhead: 0745
Date at Summit: 7/1/2018
Time at Summit: 0940
Date at Trail End: 7/1/2018
Time at Trail End: 1400


San Gorgonio:

San Gorgonio

What Trail Did You Hike: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 10/6/2018
Time at Trailhead: 0830
Date at Summit: 10/6/2018
Time at Summit: 1300
Date at Trail End: 10/6/2018
Time at Trail End: 1710


Mt. Baldy:

baldy summit

What Trail Did You Hike: Manker Trailhead - Notch
Date at Trailhead: 5/19/2018
Time at Trailhead: 1325
Date at Summit: 5/19/2018
Time at Summit: 1645
Date at Trail End: 5/19/2018
Time at Trail End: 1925

Fading sun on Devils Backbone
Fading sun on Devils Backbone.


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