Cold-Weather Baselayers

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Cold-Weather Baselayers

The Key to Staying Warm & Comfortable


Baselayers: What are they? Why do you need them?
Strenuous winter activities - skiing, snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing, or simply hiking - make you sweat, even though outdoor temperatures may be frigid.

The purpose of wearing a baselayer is to absorb sweat and draw it away from your skin so that you don't become chilled during moments of inactivity. Your baselayer should fit comfortably, yet snug so that it can effectively absorb moisture and eliminate air gaps.


There are two main fabric types with wicking ability:


• Soft, natural fiber
• Breathable
• Wicks sweat away from body
• No odor: Naturally anti-bacterial—can be worn for days or weeks without washing
• Soft & comfortable for most people
• Temperature Control: Keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather
• Fire retardant
• Keeps you warm, even when wet

• Dries slower than synthetic
• More expensive than synthetic
• Heavier when wet

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• Less expensive than Merino wool
• Easy wash/quick dry
• Breathable, lightweight
• Wicks sweat away from body
• Some odor control (anti-microbial treated)
• More durable than Merino wool
• Non-itch--not everyone can wear Merino wool
• Made of recycled materials
• Vegan

• Not odor-resistant, even when treated
• Not as warm as wool when wet

How to choose?
For longer, multi-day trips, the odor resistant properties of Merino wool make it a wise choice. For done-in-a day activities and for those on a budget, synthetic baselayers are a great option.

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