CAMMY MORREALE: 3-DAY FINISHER 3-Peak Challenge 2016

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About Your Experience:

"Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Weather was perrrrrrrfect!!!  I'm addicted to A16 challenges."

Challenge Highlight:

"Hiked Vivian Creek Trail for the first time, the descent was torture.  Will probably hike South Fork next year."

San Jacinto:

Trail: Tram + San Jacinto Peak Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/2/16
Time at Trailhead: 8:10AM
Date at Summit: 7/2/16
Time at Summit: 11:31AM
Date at Trail End: 7/2/16
Time at Trail End: 2:41PM


San Gorgonio:

Trail: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/3/16
Time at Trailhead: 7:50AM
Date at Summit: 7/3/16
Time at Summit: 1:37PM
Date at Trail End: 7/3/16
Time at Trail End: 6:15PM


Mt. Baldy:

Trail: Ski Hut Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/4/16
Time at Trailhead: 7:10AM
Date at Summit: 7/4/16
Time at Summit: 10:24AM
Date at Trail End: 7/4/16
Time at Trail End: 1:27PM



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