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Commemorate Your 3-Peak Challenge Achievement with these Unique Benchmarks

With over 12,000' of elevation gain covering 40 miles of trail, summiting SoCal's highest mountains--San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy and San Jacinto--is a memorable accomplishment. Commemorate each achievement with a fine pewter benchmark. Choose from paperweights, ornaments, magnets, zipper pulls, and pins for each of the three summits.



San Gorgonio
San Gorgonio

ELEVATION: 11,499 ft.
COORDINATES: N34° 06' 02'' W116° 49' 40''

San Gorgonio Mountain is situated in the middle of San Gorgonio Wilderness and is the highest point in Southern California. The first recorded ascent was by Watson A. Goodyear of the California State Geological Survey and Mark Thomas of San Bernardino on June 2, 1872. Although the official elevation is 11,499 feet, a 1989 survey using GPS technology determined its elevation to be 11,501.6 feet.



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Paperweight - $39.95

• 3 1/4 inch diameter
• Felt backing
• With soft fleece pouch
• In clear-vinyl covered box


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Ornament - $18.95

• 2 inch diameter
• Cast in fine pewter
• Metallic cord
• Mounted on story card



Mt. Baldy (San Antonio)
Mt. Baldy banner

ELEVATION: 10,064 ft.
COORDINATES: N34° 17' 20" W117° 38' 48"

Mount San Antonio, popularly called Mount Baldy because of its treeless summit, is a recreation magnet for the heavily populated Los Angeles area. The opportunities include hiking, bouldering, skiing, winter mountaineering, and an annual run to the summit.


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Magnet - $10.95

• 1 1/4 inch diameter
• Cast in fine pewter
• Strong magnet embedded in back
• Mounted on story card


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Zipper Pull/Pendant - $8.00

• 1 inch diameter
• Cast in fine pewter
• Lanyard hook attachment
• Mounted on story card


Pin Banner

Pin - $7.95

• 1 inch diameter
• Cast in fine pewter
• Military clutch back
• Mounted on story card



Mt. San Jacinto

San Jacinto banner

ELEVATION: 10,804 ft.
COORDINATES: N30° 48' 52'' W116° 40' 42''

Hikers seeking the summit of the highest peak in the Mount San Jacinto State Wilderness area can choose among various strenuous hiking routes, or take the 2.5mile tramway which delivers its passengers to an elevation of 8,000 feet. From there, it is a relatively easy hike to the summit where all are rewarded with a panoramic view. This mark is set in an overhanging solid rock shelf. It is 13 feet SW of the highest point on the summit and is somewhat lower. The newest data puts the summit elevation at 10,834 feet.



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