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Ultralight in weight but abundant in nutrition, calories and taste, freeze-dried & dehydrated meals are a great option for hungry backpackers. And it couldn’t be easier: Just add boiling water to the packet, wait a bit, and then eat the meal straight out of the bag - with no pots to clean up afterwards.

There are a wide variety of freeze-dried food brands and types to choose from, including options for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Here are some of our favorites.



Good To Go $6.50 - $13.50 

good to go

Good To-Go creates delicious meals, many with exotic flavors, using natural ingredients that are both quick and healthy. All of their products are gluten-free, low in sodium, and made with no preservatives. They also offer several vegan and vegetarian options.



Backpacker’s Pantry $4.00 - $15.00

backpackers pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry meals focus on high carbs, vitamins and protein, using quality ingredients that are never cooked together until boiling water is poured into the bag.  All of their great-tasting entries are MSG-free and are organic or all-natural. Their extensive menu includes meat, gluten-free, vegan, and lower sodium choices.



Mountain House $5.99 - $9.99

Mountain House

Mountain House has been making freeze-dried foods since 1968, supplying the military Special Forces, astronauts and explorers around the world with home-style American meals that are hearty and have a home-cooked flavor. 

Mountain House also makes “Pro-Paks” which are vacuum sealed to prevent expansion at high altitudes. 



Patagonia Provisions $2.49 - $14.00

Patagonia Provisions

To encourage environmental change through food, Patagonia Provisions offers healthy, ethically sourced, and shelf-stable products, carefully sourced to ensure the ingredients are harvested sustainably by farmers and fisherman who minimize their environmental impact.  

Offerings include wild Sockeye salmon, bison jerky, breakfast grains, organic soups and chili, fruit bars and more.

When you purchase Patagonia Provisions meals, your money supports local farmers and fishermen and their environmentally-friendly practices. A good thing.



Skout Backcountry $2.49 - $3.99

Skout Backcountry

Skout's Backcountry’s crafted energy bars and seed packets take organic snacking to new heights.  Using sustainable and traceable sourcing of every ingredient, all of their plant-based foods are certified organic, certified Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free and without GMO’s. All products come with a "LOVE IT" GUARANTEE.



Muir Energy $2.50 - $2.75

Muir Energy

This unique energy gel uses only 4-6 all natural, organic, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients. Handmade in San Diego, Muir Energy offers two kinds of gel: 

Muir’s slow-burning gels are made with raw nut and seed butters which take longer to metabolize and provide more sustained energy for endurance activities. The healthy fats and protein in these nut butters metabolize slowly. When combined with their mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, sustained fuel source for your longer adventures.

Muir’s fast burning gels are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables—simple sugars that metabolize quickly. When combined with their mineral rich and low glycemic electrolyte base, the result is a clean, fast fuel source for your shorter adventures. 



Honey Stinger $1.75 - $3.00

Honey Stinger

Utilizing an ingredient engineered by nature as opposed to in a laboratory has its benefits, like higher quality and no additional flavoring or coloring. Honey Stinger uses honey, a natural form of energy and antioxidants, as the main carbohydrate source for all products. Research in endurance athletes has proven that a mixture of carbohydrates is better tolerated by the body, prevents fatigue and enhances performance more than a single carbohydrate form.

Products include Honey Stinger Waffles (a delicious concoction of honey sandwiched between two thin waffles), energy chews, gels and bars.



Jerky’s Gourmet $6.99

Jerky’s Gourmet

Tender cuts of 100% grass-fed, handcrafted beef jerky that is low in calories, carbs, fat, sugar and sodium but high in nutrient-dense protein for energy. Jerky’s Gourmet offers a variety of options, including gluten-free, soy-free, paleo-friendly and even craft beer beef jerky!


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