ALANNA WITTET: 3-WEEK FINISHER 3-Peak Challenge 2016

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About Your Experience:

"Spontaneous! While visiting my friend in San Diego, we decided to enlist in the challenge after commiserating over some major hiking withdrawals. Taking to the trail without too much logistical planning we had a blast and realized we probably could have done it in three consecutive days, but hey why rush fun?! Haling from the east coast, I am proud to say SoCal's three highest are the tallest peaks I've climbed in the good ole US of A. Two pairs of heels, eight blisters, three sunburns, and countless strange looks later and I am happy to say high altitude is addicting. I am excited to see where future trails will take me. Cheers!"

Challenge Highlight:

"Besides the beautiful views and fun people encountered along the way, wearing high heels was MOST DEFINITELY a highlight. #heelsuphigh #dresstoimpress"

San Gorgonio:

Trail: Vivian Creek Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/11/16
Time at Trailhead: 9:11 AM
Date at Summit: 7/12/16
Time at Summit: 10:47 AM
Date at Trail End: 7/12/16
Time at Trail End: 4:06 PM


San Jacinto:


Trail: Tram + San Jacinto Peak
Date at Trailhead: 7/15/16
Time at Trailhead: 9:32 AM
Date at Summit: 7/15/16
Time at Summit: 11:47 AM
Date at Trail End: 7/15/16
Time at Trail End: 3:13 PM


Mt. Baldy:

Trail: Baldy Bowl Trail
Date at Trailhead: 7/16/16
Time at Trailhead: 9:36 AM
Date at Summit: 7/16/16
Time at Summit: 12:07 PM
Date at Trail End: 7/16/16
Time at Trail End: 3:56 PM



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