About A16

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Adventure 16 has a reputation as one of the best outdoor outfitters in the United States.
Our dedication to providing Customers with the finest products, first hand and accurate information, and plenty of inspiration, has guided us since our origin in 1962.

Adventure 16 began as a goal of some young Explorer Scouts whose leaders were involved in river running in the early 60s. Together, they set out to make 16mm adventure films for a lecture series. In the process, their passion turned to making backpacks. A garage in La Mesa, California became a workshop to develop a revolutionary backpack design that allowed much of the pack's weight to be carried comfortably on the hips. By the late 60's the hobby had become a business. The entrepreneurial leaders were busy inventing and selling innovative, top-of-the-line products and outdoor gear, including the first two-layer dome tent specifically engineered for backpackers' needs.

In 1970, Mic Mead, an avid customer and active outdoorsman, bought and incorporated the company. Throughout the 70s, growth and innovation was steady. Mic focused on designing and improving production efficiency. Among other things, he designed the first baffled down parka and pioneered the use of aluminum alloy tent poles for an optimal strength-to-weight combination.

After opening retail outlets and distributing outdoor gear and apparel nationwide, Adventure 16 led the industry in introducing the Lifetime Guarantee on all products bearing its name.

Adventure 16 offers inspiring slide shows and educational clinics at store locations. We now consist of two Southern California retail locations and an online store, specializing in outdoor gear and clothing for backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing, mountaineering and adventure travel.

Collectively we still strive to fulfill Adventure 16's mission:

"With a shared appreciation for the outdoors and in the spirit of continuous improvement, the people of Adventure 16 work together to achieve a harmonious balance among genuine customer loyalty, a meaningful and enjoyable work environment and a financially prosperous company."

 - John D Mead, President

Contact an Adventure 16 store

Adventure 16, Inc. Corporate Office
4620 Alvarado Canyon Road
San Diego, CA  92120
Phone: 619-283-2362

A16 strives to offer products in our stores that are repairable, refillable, and built to stand up to rigorous conditions.  We also offer products with these additional GREEN benefits:

  • Recycled/recyclable
  • Made locally or with sustainable/natural/organic materials
  • Proceeds from the purchase go to a green cause
  • Use of the item reduces our carbon footprint

Meet our team of hikers, backpackers, mountaineers and adventure travelers who help us form a deeper connection with our Customers  by providing unbiased, honest feedback on the gear we carry, trails we recommend, the latest outdoor gear and clothing trends, and in-store shopping experiences.