A16 Ambassadors

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Meet Adventure 16’s Ambassadors—a team of hikers, backpackers, mountaineers and adventure travelers who help us form a deeper connection with our Customers by providing unbiased, honest feedback on the gear we carry, trails we recommend, the latest outdoor gear and clothing trends, and in-store shopping experiences.

Tim Axall

Backpacker / Hiker / Adventure Traveler

Tim AxallTim bought his first sleeping bag from the San Diego Adventure 16 store as a kid in the late 80's.  His interest and passion for the outdoors have persisted since.  He cherishes time spent in the Sierra Nevada's hiking, backpacking or skiing.  Most recently Tim took his adventurous spirit a bit further afield, spending 6 months traveling through Southeast Asia experiencing new cultures, riding rickety old trains, and eating mysterious street foods.

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Jay Golien 

Van Lifer / Outdoor Photographer / Graphic Designer

van dudeJay has spent the last 6 years traveling across the U.S., working and living in his home on wheels, during which time he has spent many a night dispersed camping: BLM land, Forest Service roads, rest areas, and any other free spots he can find. He's also attended more music fests than....Let’s just say he's heard some good music and lots of it. READ MORE about Jay’s adventures >>


Jack Northam

Hiker / Mt. Whitney aficionado

Jack and Betsy NorthamJack has been to the Mt. Whitney summit over 170 times--including three summits from Lone Pine and back--45 miles.  Sometimes he even summits twice a day! What's even more impressive is that he first summited Whitney when he was 50. Since then Jack has also successfully completed six doubles. (Portal to summit to Portal to summit to Portal.)  At 71, Jack shows no sign of slowing down. If you want to know his secret, come to one of his educational slide presentations:  Whitney in a Day (presented every June) or Whitney in the Fall (presented every September) at various A16 store locations.

UPDATE: Jack and his wife, Betsy (who has been to Whitney’s summit over 60 times) plan on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on top of Whitney Thursday, August 30, 2018.   Everyone is invited--you just have to get on top of the mountain.