3-Peak FAQs

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When does the clock start and stop?
It starts ticking at the beginning of the trailhead of the first peak and ends at the return to the trailhead on the last peak. 

Can I do other trails besides the ones that are mentioned on your 3-Peaks webpage? (Cactus to Clouds, etc.) 
Yes, any trail is eligible, as long as you eventually make it to the summit of Baldy, San Gorgonio and San Jacinto--and have all the required documentation. (Riding the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts does NOT count!)

Are the "First 50 3-Day Finishers," the first people who do it or the people who do it with the best time?
It refers to the first people who do it.
"Best Time" awards will be given to 24-hour finishers during our "3-Peak Challenge Rendezvous Party" which will take place in November.

I live out of the area. Can I still register for and do the Challenge? 
Yes, as long as you make arrangements to physically come in to one of our stores to pick up the Registration/Liability Packet--which includes a summit flag (required on each mountain) and other necessary materials.

I forgot my summit flag. Do I still qualify for the Challenge? 
In this instance, we will allow you to make your own, however, we may add a penalty. The words, "2018 A16 3-Peak Challenge" must be clearly visible on the subsitute flag. You also have to be able to prove when you were there with permits, Adventure Pass and photo documentation.  

Does everyone in a group photo have to be holding their own flag?
In order to qualify for prizes, everyone needs to register and sign the liability form--which comes with a flag. Each person also has to individually submit their entry.  In group photos, only one flag needs to be visible and you don't have to be holding it, as long as everyone in your group is in the photo, along with the flag.

Can I do the 3-Peak Challenge more than once?
You may qualify for only one prize package, for each time-frame, per year. You may do multiple time-frames (24 hour, 3-day, 3-week and 3-month), but dates may not coincide and you must re-register and pay the $5 fee for each.


Is the Registration/Liability Release Form the same as the Completion Form? 
No, the Registration Form is what you turned in before attempting the challenge. The Completion Form is turned in after you finish the Challenge and it contains all your time stats and other important Challenge information. 

Who do I contact if I am having trouble submitting my entry or have more questions?
You may send an email to 3peaks@adventure16.com or call us at 619-283-2362 x115. 



Can I get a copy of John Drollinger’s Slide Presentation? 
Yes, to request a copy, send an email to 3peaks@adventure16.com. (The 2017 slide presentation will not be available until the week of May 22.)

Do I need to be present at the raffle to win?
No, we will notify you if your number wins.

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