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Hike each of the three tallest mountains in SoCal:

• San Antonio (Mt. Baldy)

• San Gorgonio 
• San Jacinto 

The "Three Saints" between May 4 and October 13, 2019, within one of the following time frames to earn some cool prizes:

• 24 Hours (24 consecutive hours)   3 Days (72 consecutive hours)
3 Weeks (21 consecutive days)   3 Months (90 consecutive days)


Register now at any A16 Store Location--while supplies last! (Registration is limited to 500 participants.)

A16 Donate-a-Pack logoCOST$5. All proceeds, go to the A16 Donate-a-Pack Foundation Gear Scholarship Fund to help at-risk, low income, or disabled youths in Southern California partake in outdoor wilderness experiences. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your $5 Challenge fee. (The A16 Donate -a-Pack Foundation is not taking gear donations at this time.)


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    Visit your nearest A16 store to pick up your registration packet which includes:
   • A16 Registration & Liability Form,
   • A16 3-Peak Challenge Summit Flag/Pennant
   • Trail Record Card
   • Rules Checklist
   • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Discount Card
   • A16 Adventure Bucks

    • San Gorgonio: A Wilderness Permit is highly recomended for day hikes in the and is required for overnight trips 
    • San Jacinto: Everyone entering the wilderness area for the day or for camping must have a permit in their possession. 
    • San Antonio (Baldy): A National Forest Adventure Pass is required for vehicles parked in a non-fee area. (Available at A16 Stores)
    • If you are unfamiliar with the trails, we strongly encourage purchase of Trail Maps---available at A16 retail stores.

3) HIKE or BACKPACK to the SUMMIT and BACK of SoCal's Highest Peaks: Mt. Baldy, San Gorgonio and San Jacinto within
    24 Hours, 3-Days, 3-Weeks or 3-Months between May 4 and October 13, 2019. Obey all government regulations, including
    displaying Adventure Passes and permits where required.

    • Time starts at the beginning of the first trailhead and ends when you exit the last trailhead.
    • Use of the San Jacinto Tram is acceptable and encouraged. Total time includes the tram ride one-way.
    • Use of the Mt. Baldy Ski Lift is NOT allowed!

    NOTE: If San Jacinto is your last peak and you are in danger of missing the tram down, after summiting San Jacinto, we will allow
    you to end at Round Valley instead of at the top of the tram, for safety reasons. ONE HOUR TOTAL WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR TIME
    to compensate for the 2-1/2 miles back to the tram and tram time. You must plan ahead and acquire an overnight permit, bring a
    sleeping bag and a tent or bivy and other needed overnight supplies with which to set up camp at Round Valley before heading

4) TAKE A PHOTO ON EACH SUMMIT while displaying the A16 3-Peak Challenge Summit Flag/Pennant.

    • The A16 3-Peak Challenge Summit flag/pennant must be included in each summit photo.
    • The summit sign or other identifiable summit attribute must be in the photo.
    • Candid, action photos are strongly encouraged & may lead to slightly longer moments of fame & possible photo contest winnings!
    • 3-Peak Challenge Finishers who submit a video will receive one EXTRA RAFFLE TICKET to win a Grand Prize of approx. $220 value.
       • Video may be created with any device—cell phone, GoPro, etc.—and must be uploaded to a hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
       • Video should show action and document interesting segments of your experience.
       • Scenery is OK if it's part of the story, but it shouldn't only be scenery.

    • Hint: Be creative with your photos. The best will be entered into a photo contest.

5) RECORD ALL STATS on the provided Trail Record card.  SAVE ALL RECORDS & RECEIPTS.

    • Date/Time at start of trailhead
    • Time reached summit
    • Date/Time at end of trailhead
    • Transition time between mountains (24-Hour Finishers Only)




Submit a 3-Peak Challenge Completion Form   Fill out all required fields. You will receive an immediate notification when your form goes through,

All entries must be received within 14 days of completing the Challenge, but no later than October 31, 2019.

• Post your video on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting site and post the link on your Completion Form. (Optional, but earns you another Leki Micro Vario Carbon Hiking Poles raffle ticket)

Groups: Each person must submit an individual entry and photos in order to receive prizes

Multiple Attempts: You may qualify for only one prize package, for each time-frame, per year. You may do multiple time-frames (i.e. 3-week and 3-month), but dates may not coincide (unless you do the same mountain twice) and you must re-register and pay the $5 fee for each.

Questions? Email us at 3peaks@Adventure16.com

2019 sponsors


Commemorate Your 3-Peak Challenge Achievement with fine pewter benchmarks for each of the three summits.  Choose from paper weights, ornaments, magnets, zipper pulls and pins. 

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