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Shelta High Performance Sun Hats

Shelta Performance Sun Hats

Shelta prides itself in making the best performance sun hats on the market. This local Southern California company started developing sun hats with a rigid visor that blocks the sun but not your vision. The “no flop” brim technology ensures that your hat doesn’t flop in your face when the brim gets wet or the wind starts blowing while you are out paddling, hiking, fishing, surfing or sailing. These durable hats are also moisture wicking, breathable, water repellent, float on the surface and provide UPF 50+ sun protection. The Phoenix, Griffin, Osprey and Seahawk styles allow you to choose the best hat for your outdoor adventures.

Find out more about Shelta High Performance Sun Hats and how they came about in this short video or see how they pass the "wind test" with flying colors.