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Posted by Adventure 16 | 02.26.2017

Wolves once roamed North America in countless numbers. Despite their important ecological role, and posing no real threat to humans, wolves were hunted nearly to extinction in the lower 48 United States. Today in the U.S., the haunting melody of a howling wolf pack is heard in only a handful of states, as wolves have been exterminated from a vast majority of their original range.

With wolves being depicted in our cultural folklore, books, and movies as "The Big Bad Wolf," what is the current perception of wolves?

Why do wolves howl? Why do wolves scent roll? Why are these keystone species so important to an ecosystem?

Wolves are naturally recolonizing back into their historic ranges in the United States. How do humans coexist with these amazing apex predators that share with us a tight family bond, complex social behaviors and an adaptable lifestyle?

The program will discuss the differences and similarities between wolves and dogs, the history of wolves in North America and specifically the history of wolves in California, the future of wolves in California, and the infamous OR-7 (aka Journey), the first documented wild wolf in California in over 90-years!

The program includes engaging video footage of both wild wolves and wolves at Wolf Haven International, plus hands-on portions with animal skulls, tracks and antlers.

Not to Be Missed!

Wednesday, March 1: A16 San Diego Store
Friday, March 3: A16 West L. A. Store


Wolf Haven International, is a nonprofit sanctuary for captive-born wolves, www.wolfhaven.org, located in the small farming community of Tenino, WA (about 1.5 hours south of Seattle) Wolf Haven  has rescued and provided a lifetime home for over 180 displaced, captive-born animals since 1982. Wolf Haven also offers a variety of educational programs, participates in multi-agency Species Survival Plan programs for critically endangered wolves,  and advocates for wolves in the wild.



The California Wolf Center is a statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to wolf recovery in the wild. Join us as we explore the role of the gray wolf on our landscape, discussing the history of the wolf in North America, their vital ecological role, and the value of coexistence in the communities where wolves are returning.  Hear the story of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf and learn the beginnings of what could be one of the most inspiring conservation stories in California!