EVENT: Trekking in the Himalaya: FOOTSTEPS OF GOPAL Slideshow & Book Signing--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 11.25.2015

Hiker, backpacker & author, Elaine Pike retraces the steps of her magnificent trek over three of the world's highest mountain passes. The award-winning book, Footsteps of Gopal will be available for purchase and booksigning.

Elain Pike in the Himalyas

When Elaine Pike set out in April 2013 for a twenty-day, 100-mile trek in the Everest region of Nepal, she anticipated that the adventure would be life-changing, but she never dreamed that it would result in the inspirational memoir Footsteps of Gopal.

Scenic shot if the Himalayas

Join Elaine as she retraces the steps of her magnificent journey trekking over three of the world's highest mountain passes. The presentation includes a 13 minute slide show, and will focus on trekking at elevations exceeding 17,500 feet including what to expect when trekking in the Solu Khumbu region, altitude acclimation, teahouse conditions, and gear.


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Friday, January 15 at 7pm

Elain Pike and two friends in the HimalaysElaine Pike Nepal


100% of the profits generated from the sale of Footsteps of Gopal will be donated to support schools in the Everest region.


Elain Pike


Elaine Pike has been a hiker/backpacker and outdoor enthusiast since meeting her husband, Tom, over 35 years ago. Twice they have been to Peru, explored ruins in Mexico and Central America, traversed the rugged spine of Baja, and crisscrossed nearly 1,000 miles of trails in the Sierra Nevada. A recent rejuvenation of their 1980's love of rock climbing is now added to her adventure repertoire. Paired with her enthusiasm for the written word, Elaine strives to share her passion, inspire, and entertain with her first written memoir, Footsteps of Gopal. For more information visit her website a http://elainepike.com/