EVENT: The Manaslu Circuit--A Trek in the Himalayas--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 11.24.2015

Come experience a trek in Nepal on the Manaslu Circuit! Adventure Traveler, Lawrence Pallant, will narrate an exciting slideshow set to music, along with, stories and information on how to take this extraordinary trek.

In November of 2014, Lawrence Pallant and four friends hiked the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal in 14 days. This route is just south of the more famous Annapurna Circuit, but is much less traveled.  This trip was as much about the people and culture as it was about the mountain scenery.


The trek starts at a relatively low elevation, about 2,000 feet, in the small village of Aarughat. “Much to our surprise, we find ourselves hiking in a subtropical environment.  All along the way, we meet the local people who welcome us with their warm smiles and laughter. The first several days take us up and down the sides of a narrow river canyon.”


We stay in “tea houses” each night.  Meals are freshly cooked including lunches. Each day brings a gain in elevation.

After several days we leave the enchanted lowlands and have first view of Mount Manaslu, the 8th hightest peak in the world. Also left behind is the Hindu based culture.  As we climb higher into the mountains Tibetan Buddhism become more prominent. We visit several monastaries.


Stupas, decorated with prayer flags, mark the route.

The highest elevation of the trek is just under 17,000 feet at Larkya Pass. The day we cross the pass is a long day.  We cautiously navigate the snowy trail. The weather was perfect.


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Lawrence Pallant has been hiking and exploring the outdoors since the age of ten when his family moved to a home adjacent to thousands of acres of forested woodlands in Connecticut. Today, living in California, he considers the rocky, open vistas of the Sierra Mountains his backyard. When not hiking, you will find him teaching 3rd grade. He loves to inspire minds, particularly to head outdoors, so for several years, in conjunction with Adventure 16, he led an adventure club for older elementary students