The Almighty Guarantee

Posted by Gareth Lintt | 03.28.2016

Every week, Adventure 16 has representatives from our suppliers come to our retail locations and train our staff on the latest and greatest products they're bringing to market.  Sometimes it is a simple upgrade to an existing product line, a refresher on current products, and occasionally we have the pleasure of being introduced to an entirely new product that is going to hit our stores.  We feel it's our duty to our customers to stay informed on the most up-to-date technological advances that the outdoor industry has to offer.  

Steve Ray leading Clinic on the Newest Osprey Gear

Recently, we had Steve Ray, who has been with Osprey for over a decade, visit us with some exciting new product innovations.  Osprey is most notably known for their Almighty Guarantee, which entails a lifetime of proficient gear function on any of their packs.  It doesn’t matter how it happened, if it’s broke, they’ll fix it.  Going through the various product offerings that Osprey has available on the market, you really understand how their decades of research and development have culminated in one of the most respected brand names in the industry.

Osprey Logo

Mike Pfotenhauer, the company founder and head designer, is well known for his novel ideas, often envisioning technological innovations well before other industry leaders.  As Steve puts it, “The guy is a genius.”  We’ve seen similar traits in such renowned figures as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, and comparing Mike to these other leaders is no stretch of the imagination. 

Osprey Aether 70 Pack

The obvious versatility of the Aether is just one example of the constant reevaluation of how Osprey’s product offerings maximize current technology to meet consumer needs.  This pack is fully adjustable, with the ability to fit an individual with anywhere between a 14 and 21 inch torso.  With a capacity of 70 liters and weighing in at less than 5 pounds, it is a staple for the avid backpacker or the weekend warrior alike. 

Osprey Pack showing the mesh backing and suspension

Osprey understands that one size doesn’t fit all.  The Aura is a specialty pack that fits certain people in a dynamic way, and they’ll sing its praises till we all get one.  It has 3D contoured suspension that allows breathability with its mesh backing which also flexes with your body.  This attribute is ideal for when you need to scale even the most treacherous of mountains.  The Aura screams functionality, but if it’s traveling overseas that you’re after, the Ozone is the perfect piece of gear.

Red Osprey Ozone Pack

The Ozone will make your transition from airplane to hotel to the hostel a cinch.  This rugged two-wheeled suitcase rolls over the roundest cobblestones with ease. Or you decide that a little backcountry would do you well right about now? Pop the detachable straps on this superb piece of equipment and you have an excellent backpack for that day trip through the local woods.

Osprey Hydraulics Water Bladder

The most exciting part of our training experience was when Steve mentioned a new product coming to market soon: the Hydraulics water bladder.  It is a collaborative effort between Osprey and Hydropak.  They’ve merged some technologies and perfected others to create the most advanced water bladder posed for the market.  You can expect to see it in an Adventure 16 near you in Spring 2016!