EVENT: Stream Assessment Day Hike Information Session--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 09.01.2016

Learn how to join other hikers and the San Diego River Park Foundation on an off-trail hiking adventure to conduct stream assessments along some of the major tributaries of the San Diego River, including Boulder Creek and Cedar Creek

A16 San Diego: Wednesday, October 12th 

The San Diego River Park Foundation will be hosting an information session at Adventure16 to talk about a special volunteer hiking opportunity. This isn’t any regular volunteer activity! On March 4th and 5thparticipants will be venturing upsome major tributaries of the San Diego River to assess the stream conditions in areas of the watershed that are not normally open to the public.

They will be talking about the different metrics that they will be using to conduct the assessments as well as providing details on the in-field trainings that are required for participation. This volunteer opportunity is for robust hikes who feel comfortable trail blazing in some of the more remote areas of the San Diego River watershed.

There is no commitment to participate by attending the information session. If you have any questions, please contact DeVerna at (619) 297-7380 or deverna@sandiegoriver.org 


A16 San Diego: Wednesday, October 12th 



DeVerna Rogers is the volunteer engagement coordinator at the  River Park Foundation and has been working there for nearly three years. Born and raised in Colorado, DeVerna moved to San Diego in search of warmer climates and a chance to give back to the community through environmental stewardship. When she is not working to connect people to the San Diego River, she enjoys boogie boarding, snorkeling and hiking the many canyons and mountains in the region.


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