It's PCT Thru-Hiker Season!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 04.16.2018

It's PCT Thru-Hiker season here in San Diego and that's always an exciting time at Adventure 16! 


There's a lot of great things about living in San Diego and one of the best ones is that we're only a short drive away from being at the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail over in Campo, California.

A16 has always felt very strongly connected to the PCT - back in the days of the ADZPCTKO (that's the Annual Day-Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick-Off), a hiker festival held at Lake Morena, Adventure 16 would always be there with a booth to help hikers figure out what they needed to get after hiking the first 23 miles.

Southern Terminus of the PCT
SoBo Terminus of the PCT

Now that the ADZPCTKO still occurs but in a much different form, Adventure 16 helps out by providing a free daily shuttle from the house of legendary trail angels Scout & Frodo to our store in Mission Gorge so that hikers have an easy way to pick up last-minute gear. From our usual assortment of lightweight gear to special thru-hiker items like a roll of Tyvek and providing free duct-tape, we're happy to continue being part of every year's PCT Thru-Hiker class. In addition, we occasionally help Scout and Frodo take hikers out to the border to start their journey - leaving San Diego bright and early at 6AM, we'll be part in a caravan often taking 20-40 hikers during peak season out to the monument at Campo.

PCT hikers at the home of Scout and Frodo

PCT hikers at the home of Trail Angels, Scout and Frodo

Of course, the real trail angels are Scout and Frodo - over the course of a thru-hiker season, they'll host upwards of 1,100 PCT hikers at their house, coordinating everything from train/airport pick-ups, feeding and housing, and getting the hikers to the border. It's an incredible feat of giving and we're always honored to be a part of it.

If you're interested in soaking up some more PCT culture, Adventure 16 hosts the PCT Rendezvous, which features the special debut showing of the previous year's PCT class video and various PCT personalities. This year, Liz Bergeron, PCTA Executive Director and CEO, will be attending as well as a host of other "trail celebrities". You can see more about this event here.

PCT TIP: For those that are looking to hike the PCT this year, the season is in full swing! The season to start northbound from the Mexican/USA border runs from the beginning of April through mid-May, but if you are making a last minute decision to embark on this great adventure, you can always start southbound from the Canadian border in mid-June or do what thru-hikers call a "flip-flop" hike - start at Kennedy Meadows South (mile 700) and go north to the Canadian border, then "flip" back down south to where you started and hike southbound to finish at the Mexican border. Many people prefer hiking the southern part of the PCT in the fall due to the cooler weather.

PERMITS:  Various permits are needed to hike the PCT, depending on how far you're hiking, where you are going and what activities you'll be doing along the way, such as using stoves, lanterns or campfires, and shooting professional photography. Click here for details.


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Tecnica Forge Boots



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