How To Easily Pack Your Bag And Keep It Organized

Posted by Adventure 16 | 04.20.2017



Whether you are packing for an overnight business trip or a three-week European adventure, you still need to manage to pack your clothes, gear and electronics. Depending on where you are going you might even need to fit it all into a small carry-on to avoid hefty baggage fees or ending up at your destination with nothing more than the clothes on your back. 


Using the Eagle Creek Pack-It System allows you to pack more, keep clothes wrinkle free and small items organized while on the road. They come in all shapes, fabrics and colors making it easy to find the perfect organizers for your backpack, carry-on or large wheeled bag. Cubes, Folders, Sacs and Toiletry Kits come in three different fabrics. The Original organizers are made from a durable polyester fabric, have a mesh window so you can see what’s inside and provide a little more structure. The Specter organizers are translucent so you can see what’s inside, they are also extremely lightweight, durable and water-repellent. And last but not least the new Specter Tech organizers that are even more durable, have two-way zippers and two handles for easy grabbing.


What organizers you can choose from and what to put in them



Eagle Creek Pack-It CubesPack-It Cubes come in all different sizes and can be used to organize and compress anything from t-shirts and shorts to pants and underwear. Just roll them up, organize them clothes inside and zip it up. Two-sided cubes can be used to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes. Smaller Quarter Cubes can be used for socks, ties, belts and other smaller items that tend to get lost inside a bigger bag. Tube Cubes fit nicely in between that hard to pack area between the handle inside your bag to use that otherwise wasted space.



Pack-It Eagle Creek FoldersPack-It Folders come in a few different sizes depending on the amount of items you are packing or the size of your bag.  These handy organizers come with an easy-to-use folding board that makes it easy to fold your collared shirts or dresses to the right size to keep them neat and compressed. Folders allow you to pack up to 15 garments inside keeping them wrinkle free and organized inside your bag.



Eagle Creek Pack-It SacsPack-It Sacs are perfect for organizing cords, chargers and plugs for any electronics you are bringing on your trip. Fill them with bandages and some other supplies like anti-bacterial, pain medicine and other small items for an on-the-go first-aid kit. They also make great on-the-go entertainment kits for your kids if you fill them with crayons, small toys and other little items to keep them busy on a long flight. They handy clip allows you to attach these to just about anything.



Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe SacPack-It Shoe Sacs keep your dirty shoes away from your clean clothes and fit anywhere from one pair of shoes to three or four depending on your shoe size. Use these sacs to take a pair of running shoes on your business trip or make sure your muddy hiking boots don't mess up your clothes.




Eagle Creek Pack-It Toiletry KitsPack-It Toiletry Kits are lightweight, provide lots of organization and keep accidental spills contained. Some of the Eagle Creek Toiletry Kits have a hook so you can easily hang them up to save space in a small European bathroom or to keep it from getting wet while taking a shower at the hostel.