EVENT: Hiking Mt. Whitney in the Fall--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 08.06.2018

Whitney expert “Crazy Jack” Northam and his wife Betsy will offer tips on gear and trip planning for hiking Mt. Whitney in the fall.

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With the late snow season making passage on the Whitney trail treacherous even late into the summer, Fall is now the new best time to hike the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S.  Not only will the hot September sun melt the snow and make passage easier, fall Whitney hikers enjoy the gorgeous colors of autumn, cooler temperatures and fewer crowds—not to mention the ease of getting permits—especially for those who go mid-week.

Despite the merits of hiking Mt. Whitney in the fall, there are also some challenges, including less daylight hours, less water on the trail and a greater possibility of encountering winter conditions. Learn how to best prepare yourself for these challenges so that you can enjoy everything this top-tier peak has to offer, while staying safe and having fun! 

HAPPY HALF-HOUR: 6:30pm; PRESENTATION/Q & A SESSION: 7:00pmthe north face logohelix logo
Wednesday, September 5: A16 San Diego Store


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Jack Northam, who turned 70-years-old on June 1, has been to the summit over 161 times--including three summits from Lone Pine and back (45 miles)! What's even more impressive is that he first summited Whitney when he was 50. Since then Jack has also successfully completed six doubles. (Portal to summit to Portal to summit to Portal.) Betsy Northam, who is now 67 years old, first summited when she was 9 and has been to the summit over 60 times!


Betsy and Jack plan on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on top of Whitney Thursday, August 30, 2018.   Everyone is invited, you just have to get on top of the mountain.

Click here to read an article about Jack and Betsy Northam in SignOn San Diego in May 2010.

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