Hiking Untersberg Mt., Salzburg, Austria

Posted by Adventure 16 | 07.26.2017

By Clair Crise, A16 San Diego Sales Associate


I accompanied a study abroad trip in Salzburg, Austria and from almost everywhere in the city, the Untersberg mountain
is visible. It's part of the Berchtesgaden Alps and straddles the Austrian/German border. It is most famous for Maria singing
"the hills are alive" in The Sound of Music while running down it. So naturally, I wanted to hike it.

It was fun because it was so iconic and you can adapt to the challenge level you desire because there is a tram that will take you
art of the way up or you can hike from the ground level.

My favorite piece of gear that I brought was the Kuhl Rekon jacket with the stowaway hood in the collar. It provided much
needed wind resistance for the top of the mountain.

The best time of day to go is in the afternoon because by then most of the clouds have burned off and it makes for a better view.

trail to the top

A close up of the trail to the top. Partially gravel, partially ladder steps, partially granite and marble rocks, this
was a trail I closely watched my step on.


A16 Nalgene Water bottle on steps

The wooden slats were a combination of stairs and to keep rock slides to a minimum.

A16 Water Bottle and view from the top

Doing my best to "keep it wild." The view is looking south towards Salzburg

Claire Crise

Decked out in my Icebreaker merino wool tshirt, Kuhl Rekon jacket, and A16 Nalgene, I'm glad I stocked up
on Adventure 16's functional and fashionable gear. I was comfortable and it helped me summit the Untersberg!


Claire Chrise on the Summit

Standing at the summit with the cross. I'm proud I made it!


Cross on Summit

A view of the cross on the summit. I highly recommend hiking this when in Salzburg.