Hiking Corte Madera

Posted by Adventure 16 | 07.11.2016

Pinos Peak from atop Corte madera


Corte Madera's face on the way up
Corte Madera's Face on the way up
A hazy look back at Corte Madera and Pine Valley Peak


The trail up to the peak of Corte Madera is fairly steep, but the view as you go is fantastic! (The bugs were not… :(  The view is very expansive, and includes Los Pinos Mountain to the North East, Pine Valley Creek below and the desert further out.

Greenery on the way back down
On the trail to Corte Madera
Two pines



Going up on the way back down
Going up on the way back down
Los Pinos Mtn view straight ahead



Panorama view on the way back down
Panorama on the way back down


TIPS: Take a little break when you get to the top of the first hill under one of the trees.  The views are great and so is the breeze in the shade!  Go in the spring as raptors (Eagles, Falcons and Hawks) all nest there!

FAVORITE PIECES OF GEAR: Cloud 18 Camelbak with 100 ounces of water; Merrell hiking shoes and my camera.