Hiking & Camping on Mt. Baldy 8/24/16 - 8/25/16

Posted by Adventure 16 | 09.07.2016

A Mid-week Sojourn Under the Stars

by Hugh Garbarini, Sales Associate, A16 West Los Angeles

(A16 West L.A Sales Associate) Tim Kang and myself set off to do an overnight trip up Mt Baldy after work from the 24th to the 25th of August. We reached the trail head around 10.30pm and set off with all our gear for the night.

Campsite view on Mnt baldyHugh Garbarini on the peak of Mount Baldy

After an hour and a half of hiking we reached the ridge line just before the summit, where it had flattened out, and set up camp just off the trail. The view from up in the mountains looking down over the city lights was spectacular!  The next morning we woke up early and packed up the tent and our packs then headed to the summit with just our water bottles, leaving our packs behind at camp.

Sunrising over campsiteView while coming down Baldy

The view from the early morning sun at the summit was terrific followed by the fast-paced run down. Once we got back to our packs we hurried down the mountain back to the car only to drive right back to A16 and work another day!