Hiking Almbachklamm in Marktschellenberg, Germany

Posted by Adventure 16 | 07.26.2017

By Clair Crise, A16 San Diego Sales Associate

I went on a two-week trip to Salzburg, Austria and up through northwest Germany to visit friends and relatives. While in the Bavarian part of Germany, I went on a few day hikes. One that stood out was the Almbachklamm hiking area. It was great because it has a gravel parking lot which makes it easy to find off the road and park, a delicious restaurant for when you're starving and need refueling after hiking, and a marble gift shop all in front of the trail head.

I had wonderful weather and the colors of the hike were absolutely gorgeous. The sky was piercing blue with pure white clouds, all the leaves and grass were bright green, and the water was turquoise blue. It was fun and different from a normal trail walk because there are 41 bridges of all sizes throughout the hike. The entire hike took a few hours and it can be slippery, but for younger or older people, just doing part of the trail is still worth it.

The best time of year to go is summer and fall because snow would make the bridges too treacherous and some of the gorges would be at risk of getting snowed in. Also the waterfalls would freeze and you wouldn't be able to see the color of the water which was one of the highlights, along with this abandoned shack that was once used by the live-in maintainer of the dam and bridges.

Parts of the hike went through gorges like this one which offered nice shade from the sun. Water percolated down the rock walls and into the river below.

forestClaire Crise

I had never seen colors this vibrant outside of Pixar movies. I was in awe over the blue of the sky, white of the clouds, and their plants are actually green unlike their Southern California counterparts!  Here I am posing on 1 of the 41 bridges. Some were just a few feet above the river, others, like this one, were a few hundred feet over the water below.


giant marble

At the beginning of the trail, the giant marble spins in honor of the original use for the waterfalls on the hike, to create marbles. Also the Alps can be seen in the background.