Hike to Trippet Ranch, Topanga, CA -- 12/22/16

Posted by Adventure 16 | 01.03.2017

By Ava Davis
Sales Associate, A16  West Los Angeles

Eagle Rock in Topanga
Eagle Rock

On my day off last Thursday, I did a hike that I commonly do to Eagle Rock in Topanga from the Trippet Ranch trailhead. This time, I decided to go further and made it to the junction where the trail intersects the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains such as Temescal Canyon.

Family of Deer in a Meadow
Family of deer

I started the trail in the afternoon around 2 pm and immediately encountered a family of deer, which was pretty exciting. It was a bit challenging since it had rained pretty hard the night before and the trail was muddy which slowed me down a bit. But the air was very clear and crisp and I could see for a long distance.

Ava stopping for a drink
Taking a water break

I made it up to Eagle Rock and continued along and found the path beyond it very rewarding. It felt much more secluded and tucked away than the shorter trail. Afterwards, I headed back and it got dark towards the end so I had to watch my footing in the mud, which was somewhat difficult. Overall, it was a wonderful hike and I would love to explore this area more in the future. 

Sunset from the Topanga Wilderness
Sunset and the sea