FILM SCREENINGS: Noatak: Return to the Arctic & Paddle for the North--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 05.17.2016

The filmmakers from Mile... Mile & A Half, created Noatak: Return to the Arctic to share the inspiring story of two friends, their genuine connection with nature, and the adventure that continues to enrich their lives

An object in motion stays in motion, and Jim Slinger and Andrew “Tip” Taylor are living proof of that. Each in their seventies, the two friends have been adventuring together for the past forty years and have no intentions of stopping. 

With more than thirty arctic river trips under their belts, this journey marks Jim and Tip’s return to the Noatak River, 35 years after their first visit. The Noatak River in Northern Alaska is the largest undisturbed watershed in the United States. It runs 425 miles through some of the most pristine and beautiful scenery in the Gates Of The Arctic National Park and the Noatak National Preserve. While running the river and exploring its surroundings, the two adventurers reflect on a lifetime of outdoor experiences and what still awaits them. 

The filmmakers from Mile... Mile & A Half, created Noatak: Return to the Arctic to share the inspiring story of two friends, their genuine connection with nature, and the adventure that continues to enrich their lives.

Be inspired as Jim and Tip share their journey above the arctic circle, reflecting on a lifetime of outdoor adventures and challenging us all to never stop looking for adventure in whatever way fulfills you.

And as an exceptionally special treat, Paul Bessenbacher (Opus Orange) will provide an acoustic music set to round out the night.

Saturday, June 11:  A16 West Los Angeles Store




Paddle for the North: Six Mates, Six Rivers, Three Canoes, Two Months. The Trip of a Lifetime

Six mates embark on a epic 1500km adventure through six remote North American rivers. They overcome class 6 rapids, a grueling portage and 130km upriver, against the flow.  All to show the world; the true value of the North.

Deep in the Canadian North, six young guys embarked on an epic adventure – to explore some of the most remote and untouched rivers in the world. Four Canadians, two Kiwis, two dogs (Zephyr & Taiger), three boats and two hundred pounds of camera equipment on a 63 day mission – it was always going to be a mighty test of endurance, determination and friendship.

But beyond the swarming mosquitoes, technical challenges and physical hardship, what they didn’t expect was the impact of the stories from one First Nations family. This chance encounter introduced them to people so tightly tied to the land and the river that they live on, and showed the team, that the Peel Watershed debate, is not just about protecting the environment, but also a way of life.

A boys-own adventure turns into a mission to truly discover the secrets of the north and show the world why some places are worth preserving.


The Muir Project crew (that created Mile… Mile & A Half, the feature documentary about hiking the John Muir Trail) has hit the trail again; this time focusing on two fascinating gentlemen explorers:

JIM SLINGER spent his career as Professor of Philosophy at Fresno State University, Fresno, CA.  At age 14, he was the youngest person at the time (1952) to climb the Exum Route on the Grand Teton and he was one of the oldest (age 70) to climb the Western Breach route on Kilimanjaro.   

ANDREW “TIP” TAYLOR is a physician/researcher with boards in internal and nuclear medicine.  He has co-authored over 250 scientific articles, two textbooks and has received the prestigious MERIT award from the NIH. He also enjoys high altitude mountaineering, (having climbed Mt. Vinson, Cotopaxi and Lhapka Ri) and has lectured on “Acute Mountain Sickness” and “Canoeing the Arctic.”

Growing up in Northern California, Paul Bessenbacher (PB to those who know him) spent his college years at a music conservatory outside Chicago. It was there that he honed his craft as an accomplished concert pianist by day & spent his nights playing with his bands in Chicago-area clubs. Landing in Los Angeles in 2002, PB got mixed up with a community of like-minded artists & musicians, like composer/vocalist Lauren Hillman of Kotomi & multi-instrumentalist Jo Pusateri. They became the band, Opus Orange, whose single, “Almost There” set the soundtrack for The Muir Project’s first video release, and would go on to score the entire Mile… Mile & A Half soundtrack.