EVENT: Trekking in Nepal--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 03.19.2018

Snowy mountains

There is something incredibly magical and breathtaking about trekking to the base of the highest point on the planet--Mount Everest. With a decade of knowledge and love for the people and the mountains of Nepal, adventure travel guide Steve Tickle will share stunning photos and stories from his experiences while trekking, climbing and traveling in Nepal for the last 15 years.


Learn first-hand about the details of how best to enjoy a trekking excursion through the Everest region, tips on packing, what you need and what you don't, and pose any questions you may have to Steve during this informative and entertaining presentation.

HAPPY HALF-HOUR: 6:30; PRESENTATION: 7:00pmhelix logo
Wednesday, June 27: A16 San Diego Store
Thursday, June 28: A16 Solana Beach Store
Friday, June 29: A16 West L.A. Store


Steve TickleThroughout life, you may happen upon those who literally cannot sit still. Steve Tickle is one of those unique individuals. 

Steve has climbed and hiked all around the globe, including Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Switzerland, Nepal, Africa, Central America, and the United States. In his own backyard of Washington, he has climbed all of the northwest volcanoes, including more than 15 trips up Mount Rainier. He’s a skilled guide, leader and instructor, teaching countless courses on mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, as well as becoming the local go-to resource for mountaineering gear and equipment.

With his colorful palette of worldwide experiences, one place has become “home” to Steve -- Nepal. Having traveled, trekked and climbed through Nepal during the last 15 years, his love and respect for this remote and beautiful region has grown exponentially. The bonds and friendships built over the years with his family of Sherpas and villagers speak to the growing respect he has earned with each trip.

Steve is driven to share with others the views and breath-taking vistas of Nepal’s Khumbu region, many situated 18,000’ above sea level, whenever he can. Whether it is a comfortably paced trek to Everest Base Camp or a challenging, icy climb up Ama Dablam, you can trust Steve will make the trip worth every stride and high-altitude breath taken. This rare opportunity is truly within reach when following in his careful and experienced footsteps.

When described by others, you’ll learn that Steve is a compassionate man, an amazing listener, a fantastic storyteller, and a funny guy with an incredible sense of humor. He is also known to play a mean game of Uno. He truly enjoys international travel and spending time getting to know people from all over the world. As a full-time professional firefighter and EMT, Steve knows how to handle emergency situations, remaining even-keeled under pressure.

When Steve isn't guiding clients, co-workers or friends, or working his job as a firefighter, you can find him hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or climbing any one of the many mountains near his home in Seattle, riding his Harley Davidson whenever the roads are dry, or simply spending quality time with those who mean the most to him.

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