EVENT: Travel Photography Tips and Tricks--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 07.13.2017

Travel photography can be really boring once you look at your photos when you get home or it can be really exciting for you and your friends and family to see the places where you have been on your travels. 

Learning to take interesting and unusual travel photographs isn't difficult if you keep in mind some useful tricks and techniques that will help you produce images that will delight your friends and your family.  I will teach you how you can enhance your photographs with simple things such as being aware of the right time of day to take your images, where to place your subject for the best composition and when and how to use flash in order to eliminate those dark shadows on faces. 


Wednesday, August 16: A16 San Diego Store, 7pm




Phillip (Phil) Roullard, has been a photographer for 40 years, twenty years as a professional.  Phil attended Brooks Institute of Photography and received his BA in photography which started his career as a professional photographer. 

Phil has taught photo workshops for UCSD, Mission Trails Regional Park, The Water Conservation Garden, California Native Plant Society and the San Diego Natural History Museum.  His photographs have appeared in BBC Wildlife, National Geographic Books, Audubon Calendars, San Diego Home and Garden and Time magazine. 

Currently his photographs appear in the permanent Coast to Cactus exhibit at the natural history museum.  Phil has most recently traveled to Palau, Bon Aire, Banff National Park, Canada, Mongolia and New Zealand.  He is returning to New Zealand to visit parts of the country he missed the first time.