EVENT: The Perfect African Safari

Posted by Adventure 16 | 03.27.2017

Africa is a vast continent.  It is three times the size of the United States and is the second largest and second most populous continent. It is comprised of 55 countries; over 2000 languages are spoken and it boasts a population of over a billion people.

So, when people say they want to go on safari in Africa the choices of where to go and what to do can be overwhelming. And when people say they want to go to Cape Town, go shark diving, see Victoria Falls, the migration, track gorillas and spend time in Zanzibar that is like saying they want to go see the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yellowstone and Alaska in a 2-week vacation.

Alan Feldstein, owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, began traveling to Africa in 2000. Since then he has visited 14 African countries, tracked gorillas and chimpanzees, photographed the Great Migration, gone Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, walked amongst the zebra, giraffe and other wildlife in Zambia, visited majestic Victoria Falls, paddled a mokoro (canoe) in Botswana and was among the first people to kayak off the coast of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

One of Alan’s most favorite experiences in Africa is to go to the amazing revitalized country of Rwanda to track gorillas in the same area where Dian Fossey of Gorillas In the Mist fame did her research. Then fly into the Serengeti to witness the great wildebeest migration and the world heritage site Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, which boasts one of the densest population of elephants in all of Africa.

Alan will take you on a photographic and entertaining arm chair safari and share with you his amazing experiences.  If Africa is on your bucket list then you do not want to miss this wonderful presentation.

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Alan Feldstein is a 21st Century explorer who thrives on new challenges.  Whether he is scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, kayaking in Southeast Asia or helping legal clients navigate complex marketing and advertising regulations, Feldstein’s boundless energy is contagious.  As a founder and owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, he is now sharing his passion for Africa by creating custom safaris for clients from around the world.

Alan made his first trip to Africa in 2000 and as his wife describes it the giraffes had him at “jambo”  (Swahili for “hello”). He also fell in love with both the land and the people.  Despite a full-time job as a successful entertainment and marketing attorney, he found time to re-visit the continent as frequently as possible.  In 2009, he launched Infinite Safari Adventures.

Combining his enjoyment of the outdoors with a physical challenge, Alan began rock climbing in 1990. This newfound activity took him all over the United States, including the tallest mountain in the continental United States, Mt. Whitney.

 In 1993, Alan took a 40-foot fall off a mountain in an effort to rescue a fellow climber.  The result was a shattered ankle and an edict from his physician to end his climbing days. Defying his doctor and the odds, eight months to the day of his fall Alan began climbing again.  Shortly thereafter, he climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

His accident led him to another life changing event.  He discovered a new physical activity.  He began kayaking, which took him to a variety of new locales including Baja, British Columbia, Cape Cod, Hawaii, Turkey, the Hudson River from Albany to Manhattan, Vietnam, Lake Tanganyika and finally in 2008 being one of the first people to kayak off the coast of Tanzania.

On that trip to Tanzania with his children in 2008, Alan decided it was time to create a business that merged his passions for both Africa and adventure.  He formed Infinite Safari Adventures and began minimizing his law practice responsibilities. Alan now likes to call himself a “reformed” lawyer.