EVENT: Off the Beaten Path in the Grand Canyon--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 03.01.2017

Most visitors to the Grand Canyon see it only from the rim.  A much smaller number experience the inner gorge by rafting the Colorado.  A smaller number yet explore the inner trails, or off trail, from rim to river—unless you’re Grand Canyon explorer Ben Zuckerman who has taken over 20 such Grand Canyon hiking trips over a span of 46 years.

Experience the vastness and solitude of the Grand Canyon below the rim in this compelling slideshow which will include a brief history of the Canyon, some tidbits about the North Rim, plus detailed descriptions of a variety of Grand Canyon backpack trips.

Friday, April 7:  A16 West Los Angeles Store

Ben Zuckerman is a professional astronomer who fell in love with the Grand Canyon during his first trip and wanted to return again and again.

 "Astronomers build observatories in some remote and exotic spots around the world and like to hold their professional meetings in similarly interesting places. But as much as I have seen of such places, the Grand Canyon remains my favorite example of heaven on Earth."