EVENT: Lightweight Backpacking for Couples--Free!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 05.25.2017

Backpacking with your partner can be incredibly rewarding - sharing the fun and the load. Get practical tips to the make the most of your next trip into the backcountry, and learn strategies to complement each other's abilities and watch out for each other. This presentation will help you to find and refine your own personal style of backpacking.

Learn about many aspects of lightweight backpacking for couples, including choosing and acquiring lightweight gear, preparing food, planning trips, using technology, taking great photos, personal dynamics, dealing with emergencies, and helpful routines in the wilderness. Everything will be illustrated with many, many photos.

Thursday, June 15: A16 Tarzana Store, 7pm


Natives of Transylvania, Steven Bakos and his wife, Em, always had a love of the outdoors, hiking in the Carpathian Mountains since early childhood. After moving to the United States, they became absorbed in the North American trekking culture.

However, first they started backpacking with insanely heavy packs and after dealing with some injuries, they decided to overhaul not only their gear, but their approach and thinking, too. Since, they have been hiking over 500 miles a year and spending around 30 nights in the wilderness each year with gear weighing a fraction of their original setup.

They started their website, www.yourownhike.com, in 2015 to share photos, trip reports and gear reviews with their fellow backpackers.