EVENT: Hiking on Catalina Island--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 07.13.2017

Learn the basics of hiking on Catalina Island, and be one of the first to receive the new Hiking Catalina Map. Discover 27 miles of new and enhanced hiking trails and what it takes to tackle the Trans-Catalina Trail.  
Tuesday, August 8:
A16 Solana Beach Store
Wednesday, August 9: A16 San Diego Store
Friday, August 11: A16 West Los Angeles Store



Gina Dartt, Development Manager at the Catalina Island Conservancy will guide you through the ins-and-outs of how to get to Catalina Island, reserve campgrounds, and the basic gear needed to hike this rugged Island terrain.  Also, learn about the Conservancy’s conservation efforts to protect wildlife and restore native habitat.

The mission of the Catalina Island Conservancy is to be a responsible steward of our lands through a balance of conservation, education, and recreation.  Catalina is home to more than 60 plant, animal, and insect species found nowhere else in the world. Come learn about some of these, plus the Catalina Island Fox and a heard of American bison. Find out what it takes to keep these special animals safe..


Gina Dartt is the Development Manager for Membership and Annual Fund at the Catalina Island Conservancy. Previously, Gina worked at the Los Angeles Zoo for more than 10 years where she built a strong connection and appreciation for conservation of plants and wildlife that she continues to apply to her current role with the Conservancy.  She is thrilled to be a new member of the Conservancy team, with a long-standing appreciation for the beauty and ecological diversity that is unique to Catalina Island.  Gina grew up sailing to the Island as a child and ran the Catalina Island Marathon as an adult, with many adventures in between, and many still to come.


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