EVENT: Fara Eve Barnes – Sagarmatha: The Ultimate Journey to Everest--FREE!

Posted by | 07.07.2016

Join human performance expert, Fara Eve Barnes, on a journey of a lifetime in the Himalayan mountains; off-road motorcycling, kayaking, trekking and then being filmed by Discovery Channel while using cutting-edge technology measuring and enhancing human performance while HALO skydiving from a rescue helicopter at the top of the world.

Learn the ins and outs of ultimate adventuring, leadership and teamwork in the Himalayas and other epic locations around the world. Gain insight on how to use the power of environment and cutting-edge technology to hack your adventure for a superhuman experience. Experience the adventure of Sagarmatha: The Ultimate Journey to Everest through Fara’s video presentation filmed in May 2016.

HAPPY HALF-HOUR: 6:30pm, PRESENTATION: 7:00pm                                                    Sponsored by:
Friday, August 19: A16 West Los Angeles Store


From working with international special forces to combat-wounded recovery research across the backcountry of mountains and glaciers, Fara Eve Barnes has studied and applied elite training and recovery processes in the world’s most hostile environments.

While testing and implementing technology with high-elevation trekking and underwater expeditions to recover from service-related injuries, she found her life’s passion in sharing the pursuit of superhuman performance and adventure which benefits Earth’s economies and the global resilience.

She will be returning to Everest later this year, as well as doing a scuba expedition to restore coral reefs and gain data on recovery best practices in late August. As well as motivational speaking Fara is a human performance expert for international expeditions, and indoor skydiving programs for elite training and ultimate corporate wellness, leadership and team building.