Event: Exploring Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia & the Dolomites of Northern Italy with Gary Scott

Posted by Adventure 16 | 09.24.2019


The High Tatras of Slovakia

Award winning travel and walking guide Gary Peter Scott (GPS) will share photos, stories and travel tips discovered from spending ten years walking and exploring Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Dolomites of northern Italy -- some of the most stunning, fascinating and less traveled destinations in Europe.  You’ll be inspired to get out there and travel more as he talks about these “best kept secret spots” and maybe even join him on one of his award winning trips.

the dolomites

THE DOLOMITES of Northern Italy --Known as “the world’s most enchanting mountains,”  and one of the world’s newest U.N.E.S.C.O. listed nature sites - the Dolomites are a hiker, walker, climber and nature lovers paradise and one of the overall BEST places in the world for incredible hiking, mountain views, culture, history, tradition, hospitality, food, fun and a great alpine atmosphere - which anyone at any level of fitness or hiking experience can enjoy - especially with an expert guide.


CROATIA -- Super hot travel places and still yet (for now) to be on the typical tourist routes.  Explore the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast with its turquoise seas and golden sun; fascinating 3,000 year old Roman villages; and experience great seafood, truffles and the world’s best olive oil.


SLOVENIA -- Journey to the foothills of the eastern Julian Alps and immerse yourself in stunning beauty and rich culture while exploring Tuscan-like vineyards, super cool Ljubljana old town; UNESCO caves and castles, tranquil lakes and spectacular gorges.  The best kept secret in Europe!

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SLOVAKIA -- The High Tatra mountains of Slovakia were just awarded the “Lonely Planet’s No. 1 - Best in Europe Destination for 2019 - a pretty huge honor coming from the world’s largest travel guidebook company.  Gary is proud to offer tours to see the BEST of Slovakia in 2020.


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Gary Scott, presenterABOUT THE PRESENTER

Gary Peter Scott (GPS) is an author, a photographer and an award winning adventure travel and walking guide who since 1983 has led well over 1,000 people on adventure travel trips around the world, including over 40 treks and expeditions to Nepal, over 100 tours in the Dolomites and over 40 tours to Croatia & Slovenia.  Previously a professional mountain guide and mountaineer he has attempted Mt. Everest twice without supplemental oxygen, and in 1986 he set a world-record for the first one-day ascent of Denali, the highest mountain in North America, climbing it solo in only 18½ hours from the landing strip to the summit.  

Gary is now very happy spending his summers leading easy to moderate walking tours in the Dolomites, Croatia, Slovenia, and now Slovakia, with his Slovakian wife Katarina and the rest of the year exploring the world for fun and cool places to take his guests.  Gary can be reached at gary@rightpathadventures.com and for more information check out his website:  www.rightpathadventures.com


Devin Castle, Slovakia

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