EVENT: Discover the San Dieguito River Park--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 04.19.2016

Join Trish Boaz, the Executive Director of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, as she explains the Conservancy, education and recreation programs.  Learn how you can help in your community while enjoying this beautiful park that offers 55 miles of trails and wildlife experiences.


Discover the San Dieguito Park, a local gem, and its beautiful and expansive trails.  The park offers a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy the lagoon and it’s ecosystems through birding, yoga, it’s plans for a continuance 70 mile trail from lagoon to the top of Vulcan Mountain and many other outdoor activities.

Learn about the parks  volunteer opportunities that fit your talents or take part in structured volunteer events such as clean ups and preservation for wildlife and human enjoyment.  Join the Conservancy through membership and support our local community and receive newsletters that include articles from experts about natural resources and regional issues also get updates on trail development and land protection.  You will also get access to expert-led hikes and special events.

Tuesday, May 10:  A16 Solana Beach Store

Trish Boaz served as Chief of the Resource Management Division for the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation for over seven years, overseeing the implementation of the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP).  She also managed the award-wining County Trails Program, which resulted in the dedication and construction of vital trail linkages, including portions of the Coast to Crest Trail.

On April 1, 2013, Trish joined the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy—a non-profit dedicated to sustainable management of the natural resources of the San Dieguito Watershed, with priority given to the protection of the San Dieguito River corridor—as Executive Director, bringing over 25 years in conservation and environmental knowledge to the Conservancy, as well as established positive relationships with many of the Conservancy’s partners.